Fantasy Formula


+4 points per touchdown pass thrown
-2 points per interception thrown
+1 point per 15 pass yards
+6 points per rushing touchdown
+1 point per 10 rush yards

Running Back, Wide Receiver & Tight End

+6 points per rushing, receiving, kick return or punt return touchdown*
+1 point per 10 rush, receiving, kick return and punt return yards*
+1 point per 4 receptions

Offensive Line (as team)

(((Rush Yards per Game x 1.5) + (Pass Yards per Game)) – (Sacks per Game x 3))

Returner (special)

+6 points per kick return or punt return touchdown
+1 point per 10 kick return and punt return yards

Defensive Line, Linebackers and Defensive Backs

+6 points per interception returned for touchdown
+4 points per interception
+2 points per sack
+1 point per 10 yards after interception
+1 point per 4 tackles

Place Kickers

+3 points per field goal
+1 point per extra point


Punt Average +1 point per 2 punts

* For Pro Bowl rankings, return stats are omitted.